Finance/Payroll/Administrative Services


Finance/Payroll/Administrative Services is the support department for all other Town Departments. The Finance/Payroll/Administrative Services Department staff provides the accounting, purchasing, payroll, accounts receivable invoicing, fixed asset management and cash management services for the Town. 

The department also provides the General Assistance function for the Town.

The goal of the Finance/Payroll/Administrative Services team is to provide timely and reliable information by which department heads, the Town Manager, the Board of Selectmen and other Boards and Committees to enable informed decisions that are in the best interest of the Town.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brenda Vittner Director (603) 677-4208
Vikki Fogg Deputy Tax Collector 677-4202
Linda LaBraney Finance Officer 677-4206
Carrie Sawyer Disbursement Accountant 677-4207