Short Term Rentals

ATTENTION: Short Term Rental (STR) applications received after 12/29/2023 are subject to the criteria of the proposed zoning amendment (provided for in RSA 676:12 VI) to Article VII- Section B.2 Accessory Short Term Rentals. If you have any questions please contact Angela LaBrecque, at or at 603-677-4228

The Town of Meredith regulates Short Term Rentals. A Short Term Rental is defined in the ordinance as an accessory use to a single-family detached dwelling.  Short Term Rentals, as defined, are allowed by Special Exception in all districts except the Business & Industry District. Below are excerpts from the Zoning Ordinance that pertain to Short Term Rentals and a Special Exception along with the Special Exception application. 

Meredith residents, businesses, property owners, and visitors value the many qualities of life that make Meredith a great place to live and visit. It is recognized that Short Terms Rentals when properly managed, can provide many economic benefits to the property owner and the local economy.  However, absent proper management and owner accountability, short-term rentals have the potential to negatively impact abutters, neighborhoods, and the community as a whole. Click here for a best practices recommendations flyer that when implemented, will help achieve the intended benefits while respecting the rights, privacy, and well-being of others. 

For questions regarding Short Term Rentals please contact the Community Development Department at 603-677-4215.