What type of rooms and spaces does the Community Center provide?

Activity Center (100’ x 60’)

  • Multi Purpose Floor
  • 1 Main Basketball Court
  • 2 Side Basketball Courts
  • All hoops are height adjustable fiberglass backboards 
  • 1 Tennis Court 
  • 1 Main Volleyball Court 
  • 2 Side Volleyball Courts 
  • 3 Badminton Courts 
  • Divider to separate the Activity Center into two spaces
  • 2 scoreboards 
  • 2 bleachers
  • Sound system 
  • 24’ High x 20’ Wide Climbing Wall
  • Stage 

Game Room

  • Foosball 
  • Air Hockey 
  • Pool 
  • Table Board Games 
  • Eye Toy Games
  • Comfortable Seating, Couch, and Tables 
  • Entertainment Center

The Meredith Community Center also features the following spaces:
An arts and crafts room, a large meeting room which can be divided into 3 sections, outdoor patio space off of the meeting rooms, a full kitchen, a reception area for registering for programs and obtaining information, Parks and Recreation Department office space, Meredith Senior Services office, and Meredith Senior meals program.