2023 Meredith Assessment Update



The Assessing Department will be updating values for 2023.  We last updated in 2020.  Since that time we have seen unprecedented growth in the Meredith real estate market. 

After the 2020 update, the assessment to sale ratio was set at 97.6% by the NH Department of Revenue.  Each year they perform a ratio study that compares assessments to sales that occurred over the course of the year.  For 2022, the overall ratio had dropped to 61.6%.  This means that on average a property assessed for $300,000 is selling for $487,000 ($300,000/.616).   The update will bring values up to full market value (100%) as of April 1, 2023. 

The following is a ratio breakdown by property type:

Overall Ratio                                  61.6%

Single Family Homes                     61.7%

Waterfront (All)                              50.2%

Water Access                                 59.2%

Island Properties                            60.3%

Boat Slips                                       52.0%

Condominiums                               60.2%

Residential Land                             63.7%

Commercial/Industrial                    70.8%

While the assessments will increase please keep in mind that the tax rate will come down.  The amount it decreases is dependent upon the increase in town, school and county budgets. 

Notices will be sent out in late August and there will be an opportunity to meet with us via telephone, e-mail or in-person for an informal hearing.  The process will be finalized in October in time for the new tax rate to be set.   These changes will be reflected in the final 2023 tax bill.


Thank you,

Jim Commerford, CNHA

Tax Assessor