Town Docks Crosswalk Information

Information regarding the crosswalk lights at the Town Docks is located here

Click here for a diagram on the operation of the lights for both pedestrians and vehicles


Since becoming active, there have been many questions and or concerns regarding the operation of the new crosswalk system. With this brief run down, we are hoping to clear up any questions that people may have. To start, the law governing the cross walk, reads as follows;


265:11 Pedestrian Control Signals-

Whenever special pedestrian-control signals exhibiting the words “Walk” or “Don’t Walk” are in place such signals shall indicate as follows:

Walk-Pedestrian facing such steady or flashing signal may proceed across the roadway in the directions of the signal and shall be given the right of way by the drivers of all vehicles. There shall be no right turn allowed for any vehicle while a steady or flashing walk signal is being displayed.

Don’t Walk-No pedestrian shall start to cross the roadway in the directions of such signals whether steady or flashing, but any pedestrian who has partially completed his crossing on the “Walk” signal shall proceed to the sidewalk or safety island.


This means if you are a motorist traveling north or south on Daniel Webster Highway and the light system is not in display, you have the right of way. If the light system starts to flash yellow, you are to slow down and proceed with caution. When the light system turns a constant red, you are to stop and allow all foot traffic use of the crosswalk. When the flashing red light is displayed you may proceed with caution after stopping, if there is no pedestrian traffic at the crosswalk.


It is also the pedestrians’ responsibility to use the crosswalk properly and wait until they have the walk signal to proceed into the roadway to cross. When used properly, this system should help keep traffic stoppages to a minimum and help clear up the down town congestion.




John P. Eichhorn

Detective Corporal

Meredith Police Department