Athletic Fields

How To Reserve Outdoor Recreation Facilities

  • Group use of ball fields, parks, and beaches must be coordinated through the Parks and Recreation Office.
  • Facility-use permits are available at the: Meredith Community Center, and on the website
  • To check facility availability please call the Community Center at 279-8197.

Scheduling priorities and hourly fees for parks and recreation outdoor facilities

The Board of Selectmen has established priorities for the scheduling of all Meredith Parks and Recreation Facilities and has created seven categories of user groups. Rental fees and priority of scheduling have been assigned to the seven user groups as shown in the following list and chart; 

  1. Town of Meredith Sponsored Activities 
  2. Meredith Non-Profit Agency 
  3. Private Meredith Resident 
  4. Meredith for Profit Agency 
  5. State of NH/Federal Agencies 
  6. Non-Meredith Non–Profit Agency
  7. Private Non-Meredith Resident
Facility                                                     Organization Type / Hourly Rates
Athletic Field00$10$15$15$15$20
Athletic Field With Lights00$15$20$20$20$30
Skate Park00$10$15$15$15$20
Skate Park With Lights00$15$20$20$20$30
Leavitt/Wauk. Beach00$10$15$15$15$20
Tennis Court00$10$15$15$15$20
Tennis Court With Lights00$15$20$20$20$30
Skating Rink00$10$15$15$15$20
Skating Rink With Lights00$15$20$20$20$30