Meeting Information & Schedule

All meetings of the board are public meetings and are subject to the provisions of RSA 91-A. 

The board typically meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month with additional meetings on an as-needed basis. All regular meetings will be held on the dates indicated below at the Meredith Community Center, Room B, 1 Circle Drive at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise posted. The meeting schedule contains a list of the meeting dates and application deadlines. You may contact the Community Development Department (677-4216) with specific questions.



                        APPLICATION DUE                                   MEETING DATE

                        JANUARY 9                                                  JANUARY 30

                                           JANUARY 30                                                FEBRUARY 20                   

                                                   MARCH 5                                                      MARCH 26                       

                        APRIL 2                                                         APRIL 23

                        MAY 7                                                            MAY 28

                        JUNE 4                                                          JUNE 25

                        JULY 2                                                           JULY 23

                        AUGUST 6                                                    AUGUST 27

                        SEPTEMBER 3                                            SEPTEMBER 24

                        OCTOBER 1                                                 OCTOBER 22

                        NOVEMBER 5                                              NOVEMBER 26

                        NOVEMBER 26                                            DECEMBER 17