Solid Waste Fee Information

2018 Town Of Meredith Regular Solid Waste Fee Schedule

(For Residents from Towns of Meredith and Center Harbor Only)


Chop Saw for Residents-three cut limitNo Charge

Chop Saw for Contractors-or additional resident cuts

Contractors Permit-valid for seven (7) consecutive days only$20.00
Construction & Demolition Debris$0.08 per lb = $160/ton

Leaves & Yard Waste:

           Residential (must be hauled in by resident)


No Charge

Leaves & Yard Waste Hauled in by Commercial Hauler:

            Pickup truck (Load is considered level with gunnels)

            Pickup w/Box

            All other vehicles


$10.00 Load

 $25.00 Load

$45.00 Load

Facility Decal Permit- first permit- resident/property owner

Facility Decal Permit- second decal-same household$20.00
Facility Decal Permit- replacement-each additional decal $20.00
Facility Decal Permit- if original decal presentedNo Charge
Replacement Facility Decal Permit-if original not presented$20.00
Coupon Booklet (10 coupons) instead of second decalsNo Charge
2 Coupon Booklets (20 coupons) instead of 2 decals$20.00
Coupon booklet (10 coupons)- each additional booklet$20.00
Special One Day Refuse Permit-one time facility use$2.00/ trip
Mattresses, Recliners, Box Springs, Pull-out Hide-a-Bed Sofas- stripped of metal (limit 2 per trip)No Charge
Mattresses, Recliners, Box Springs, Pull-out Hide-a-Bed Sofas- containing metal$10.00 ea
Propane Tanks - Up to 20 lbs$5.00 ea
Propane Tanks - Over 20 lbs$25.00 ea
Fluorescent Bulbs$0.15/foot
Monitor/TV units$15.00 ea

Vehicle Tires- 16” or less with NO rims

$2.00 ea
Vehicle Tires- 16” or less WITH rims$6.00 ea
Vehicle Tires- 16.5” or greater, WITHOUT rims$10.00 ea

All other Tires: WITHOUT rims

            (skidder, loader, heavy const, etc.)

$25.00 ea


White Goods - refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers
            (doors must be removed)

$20.00 ea


White Goods - All other household appliances$13.00 ea

NOTE: White Goods stripped and disassembled will NOT be accepted unless certified by a Technician that the items are not hazardous to the environment.

Creosote Wood Products: shall be no more than 5 feet in length. 

We reserve the right to limit quantities or acceptance of these products due to State or Federal Regulation or due to our loss of disposal options. Check with Solid Waste Attendant for disposal fees and procedure.