Trustee of Trust Funds


The Trustees of Trust Funds are volunteers and elected citizens who serve in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of the citizens of the Town of Meredith to manage the money entrusted to them.

The funds managed by the Trustees of Trust Funds are comprised of Capital Improvement Funds  (CIP) and private funds. The CIP funds are appropriated by the Town and the Schools to pay for such things as purchasing new equipment, building upgrade/repairs, and other infrastructure upgrade/repairs. The private funds are donated for cemetery maintenance, scholarships and the library.

The Trustees of Trust Funds manage the investment of the trust funds together with the orderly management of receipts and disbursements. Responsibilities include the hiring and oversight of a State approved investment management firm and annually reviewing and adopting the investment policy.

The Trustees of Trust Funds provide an annual report that is published in the Town’s annual report. 


Robert Davis

Chair of Trustees of Trust Fund


James Gregoire

Trustee, Secretary


Mary Kahn