Boat Launch & Municipal Parking Information

***As of June 2023, there will be no boat docking extensions at any Town-owned dock, to include overnight boat docking, unless there is a medical emergency, the boat is disabled and cannot be immediately removed or due to extreme weather conditions which dictate subjects to stay off the water. If you need to leave your boat due to one of the conditions listed above, you must contact the Meredith Police Department at (603)279-4561. 

   As of June 9, 2021, the Town of Meredith will no longer be able to issue parking extensions for vehicles or trailers parking past the posted 72-hour limit indicated in the Town Ordinance at any Town of Meredith Municipal parking lot. This service has been a courtesy offered by the Chief of Police that can no longer be accommodated due to the significant influx in vehicles and trailers and frequency of these requests. To put it plainly, our Municipal parking lots have been overwhelmed, to inlcude visitors to the State who may or may not be staying/visiting a property or location within Meredith. Should anyone have questions or concerns about this recent change, please contact  a supervisor at the Meredith Police Department. Please be advised that any/all violations of vehicle/trailer parking, boat launching or docking or other safety concerns regarding these areas will still be maintained by the Meredith Police Department.

The Town of Meredith has been bestowed with the natural beauty of several lakes and ponds within our borders. They include, but are not limited to Lake Winnipesaukee, Lake Waukewan, Lake Wicwas, and Lake Pemigewasset (also known as Pemigewasset Pond). The lakes, ponds and other waterways offer numerous ways to enjoy living and playing here in our great state and we encourage all that use them, resident and visitor alike, to keep them as clean and pristine as possible. To help ensure this, the Town of Meredith does have rules and regulations governing boat launching from Town property and parking of motor vehicles and boat trailers on Town property. As the Meredith Police Department enforces those rules and regulations, we would like to provide that information to everyone:

  1. When available, a boat launch attendant will be responsible for collecting launch fees at the Hesky Park Boat Ramp located at 291 Daniel Webster Hwy; attendant hours are 7am to 3pm, 7 days/week.
  2. When available, a boat launch attendant will be responsible for collecting launch fees at the Public boat launch, located at 31 Lovejoy Sands Rd, on behalf of the Town; attendant hours are 7am to 3pm, 7 days/week.
  3. Meredith taxpayers/residents launch FREE, providing that a current Facility Decal is affixed to the vehicle.
  4. Non-residents pay a $20.00 fee, to be paid each time they launch a boat during the hours of and availability of enforcement.
  5. No boat shall be launched at the Hesky Park Boat Ramp where the combination of boat and/or trailer exceeds thirty (30) feet.
  6. All Town Docks have a 3 hour docking limit between hours of operation (7am to midnight), with no overnight docking. The floating dock at the Hesky Park Launch is temporary docking for loading/unloading ONLY. 
  7. The Town of Meredith also provides boat launching at Town facilities at the end of Lovejoy Sands Road off Meredith Neck Road, with the following stipulations:
    1.  There is no trailer parking allowed on the paved municipal parking lot located adjacent to Goodhue Marine (formerly Shep Brown's Boat Basin), but
    2. Trailer parking is allowed at the municipal lot located on Lovejoy Sands Road.
  8. There are also Public Boat Docks located at Cattle Landing. The Cattle Landing Docks also have a 3 hour docking limit and no boat trailers are to be parked in the vehicle parking lot.
  9. Vehicle and Boat Trailer parking within the Town of Meredith is governed by Town Ordinance and monitored by the Meredith Police Department. Vehicles and Boat trailers shall not be parked in ANY Municipal parking areas in excess of 72 hours, after which they will be subjected to the issuance of parking fines. 
  10. All docking violations have a penalty of $150.00.
  11. All vehicle and/or trailer parking violations have a penalty of $75.00.
  12. Parking at Leavitt Beach requires a valid Town of Meredith Facility Permit, which went into effect on June 1, 2021. Facility Permits are available at Town Hall for Meredith residents and Meredith Property Owners, which is the same Facility Permit for access to the Transfer Station and Boat Launch areas. 
  13. No boat shall dock in the areas marked for docking of the M/S Mount Washington, the Doris or Sophie C. or the Meredith Police Boat.

The Town of Meredith and its agents are not responsible for any damage, theft or loss of property.  As always, we encourage everyone to stay safe, be courteous and to continue to help make Meredith a great place to live, creating lasting family memories!  

Thank You!

Winni Poem
From E. Palmer Clarke's 1935 publication of "Winnipesaukee - A Potpourri"